Are Oil Diffusers Harmful? Not if the Correct Oils Are Used

Oil diffusers have been adopted as the new way of making life a little more comfortable in a highly polluted atmosphere that we live in. At least the majority of people living in the metropolitan cities, where there is unfettered growth of concrete buildings and the number of automobiles on the streets, have to face this difficulty. As we keep hearing in the media reports, air pollution, carbon emissions and other such threats to humanity are topics for debates and workshops, throughout the world. Under such conditions, if you have a way of enjoying some purified air, which can also invigorate your flailing nerves a bit, you should feel happy for it. The essential oil diffusers, do exactly this. However, as with any good thing that comes up, there will be detractors, who question the efficacy of these diffusers. So, Are Oil Diffusers Harmful? Definitely not! Let us examine how.

Essential Oil Diffusers Explained

Essential oil diffusers, generally work on electricity. The construction of these diffusers, which are of the size of a small flower vase, typically have a base receptacle where one can take normal water and then add a few drops of the essential oil and switch on the diffuser. The oil would slowly evaporate and spread a nice and pleasant aroma inside the room where you have kept it. This aroma or even a mist if created ensures that all bad odors in the room are removed and by their chemical and intrinsic properties, the mist or odor can act on your body’s nervous system. It can calm down your nerves, allow a sound sleep through the night and remove all negative vibes in the atmosphere. The diffusers come with an inbuilt mechanism to switch itself off, if the water goes empty in the receptacle or after a fixed time of say 6 hours. So it is difficult to say yes, to the question Are Oil Diffusers Harmful?

How Do The Effects Differ?

It is true that we are dealing here with certain chemicals, extracted from naturally available elements and in many cases, a certain perfume or scent might have been added before the essential oils are sold to the end customers. One has to also concede that most of the people who might be buying and using these diffusers could be doing so without any basic knowledge of how these oils function and from what basic sources these oils are extracted. In fact, there is a whole new medical procedure called Aromatherapy behind the working of the diffuser technology. The oils are classified and graded depending on the particular aroma they can emit and the benefits it could give against specific symptoms.

Choose the Best Essential Oil

So going back to the question Are Oil Diffusers Harmful? It will all boil down to the essential oil you choose to use with the diffuser at your place. The wrong oil or a bad quality diffuser can be a cause of some discomfort and if not checked and treated, can end in serious diseases. Ensure that you choose the most appropriate essential oil, and the diffuser is from a reliable manufacturer. No harm will come.