What are the top quality oil diffusers?

Oil diffusers are used for the therapeutic benefits. When oil is diffused and inhaled, they go straight to the brain. Brain then sends them to other parts of the body where they effect moderation and regulation.

Benefits of diffusing essential oil:

Diffusing essential oils can offer following benefits:

  1. It can cleanse the air of pathogens, i.e. Virus and bacteria.
  2. It can elevate the mood.
  3. It impacts focus and concentration positively.
  4. It has the ability to reduce stress.
  5. It can boost immune system
  6. It can spread a soothing aroma across your house.

There are several different kinds of essential oil diffusers present on the market. Essential oil diffusers are specifically designed to disperse oil particles in the air and should not be confused with humidifier. There are four kinds of essential oil diffusers around:

  1. Ultrasonic diffuser
  2. Nebulizing diffusers
  3. Evaporative diffuser
  4. Heat diffusers

After providing details and benefits of essential diffusers, it time to ask ourselves a question that “what are some top quality diffusers” which are available on the market. Some of the quality diffusers are described below.

Some top quality diffusers:

Aroma Ace:

Aroma ace is a nebulizing type oil diffuser and is extremely beneficial for therapeutic purposes. Additional benefit is that it is very sturdy. Some of the drawbacks associated with it are its noise and difficulty of swapping and combining oils.

Well and jet:

Well and jet is also nebulizing type oil diffuser priced at $95. It is also extremely beneficial for therapeutic purposes. It offers the advantage of air flow control and ease of combining oils. However, it has some drawbacks as well. Its glass is sensitive. It generates moderate noise as well. Tubes are unaesthetic, and it presents some difficulty in swapping oils.


Whisper is an ultrasonic type of oil diffuser priced at $86. It has the advantage of having very little noise. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and has the option of auto-shutoff timer with 6 settings. It also is sturdy. Its shortcoming is that it adds moisture to the air.


Lotus is also an ultrasonic type of diffuser. It is nearly silent and very easy to clean. Additionally, it also has the added advantage of auto-shutoff timer with 2 settings. In addition to being sturdy, it is also unique and attractive. However, it also adds moisture to the air, and the lights cannot be turned off.


SpaVapor is an ultrasonic type of diffuser priced at just $29. Its benefit is that it’s very economical. It also generates very little noise and is easy to clean. Additionally, its light can be turned off or on. However, its shortcoming is that it can easily break.


Lowe’s is also an ultrasonic type of diffuser and is priced very low. Additionally, it is quiet and easy to clean. However, lowe’s is quite difficult to find. It has a shortcoming that it can also easily break, sometimes within days.

This answers your question of what are the top quality diffusers. However, it must be remembered that what works best for others, might not be the best for you and vice versa. So, don’t base your decision on superficial considerations and find what works best for you.