What is the best type of oil diffuser?

The answer that anyone who knows well about diffusers would be “it depends on what you want.” All the diffusers perform the same function; the only difference is the mode of operation. Each of the diffusers works differently from the other towards achieving the same set goal. The two most effective diffusers, the ultrasonic and the nebulizing diffusers, are good but work in unique ways. Here arises a question as to what is the best type of oil diffuser? The answer is that the best diffuser depends on what and how you plan to use the diffuser.

For people who want a very highly concentrated essential oil aroma, or fragrance in the atmosphere, go for the nebulizing diffusers. These nebulizing diffusers do not make use of water. They disperse essential oils directly, and it is without any mixture of any sort. They disperse the essential oil and the aroma; fragrance is disseminated into the atmosphere as concentrated as it is.

The nebulizing diffuser because of the high concentration of aroma, fragrance that is dispersed, can also help to eradicate germs and insects in the room. To achieve this, add some quantity of germ/insects killing oils into the essential oils in the nebulizing diffuser and allow it to distribute into the room atmosphere all through the night and wake up to watch a pack of insects on the floor.

Another advantage of the nebulizing diffuser is that it cycles on and off, and this helps one not get resistant to the fragrance that is being dispersed. The nebulizing diffuser fills the atmosphere with a high concentration of the essential oil that is chosen.

The ultrasonic diffusers make use of water to work. That means the solution needs to be mixed thoroughly before it can be spread by the diffuser. There are inbuilt features in the ultrasonic diffusers that perform this function. There are plastic cups that come with the diffusers for carrying water and essential oils and a technology by which the diffuser mixes the essential oils and the water for dissemination. The aroma, fragrance, or scent from the ultrasonic diffusers is not as concentrated as the one from a nebulizing diffuser.

In as much as the nebulizing diffusers have a lot of advantages, the disadvantages also abound. The nebulizing diffusers are noisy in nature. While to some people, this noise can be ignored, to others, they want to enjoy a silent night without any form of noise. To these people that noise is an issue, and that would be a challenge to them for choosing the nebulizing diffuser.

Another disadvantage is the fact that nebulizing diffusers require a high-maintenance culture for it to last and operate well. The tube and the glass need regular cleaning to clean off the oil stains on it as leaving the oil stain on the body can cause a reaction with the oxygen, and it would become thick on the tube and glass of the diffuser.

There are different types of diffusers, which should also be considered when making a choice or taking a decision when buying an essential oil diffuser. There is ’on the go’ diffuser which can be put into the car, the cool mist which can be plugged in for the kids, the aroma stone which can be kept by the bedside. It is noiseless and operates smoothly all through with every amount of tranquility.

The essential oils dispersed into the atmosphere of the room or office space are needed in the healing of the body, soul and spirit and should be enjoyed as much as possible. You want good benefits for your investments, hence, go for the best option. Make a wise choice of the best essential oils diffuser, and nothing but the best.